Sales isn't about selling. It's about buying.

Early in my sales career, I learned that being really good in sales wasn't about selling people but about getting people to buy. Semantics some of you may say but I feel there is a difference. Perhaps you're like me and prefer a reason to buy rather than being sold.

And, before I will buy, I have to buy that I need what you offer whether logically or emotionally.

In short, buyers like me want a clear reason to buy.

Don't tell me what I need. Get me to tell you what I need and then satisfy me.

I buy when I feel the salesperson understands my needs, has shown I can benefit from the purchase and has demonstrated that the return I will receive is greater than the price I will pay.

The latter is not often done and results in lost opportunities because the salesperson has not quantified the ROI of their product or service.

The process has to feel to flow naturally. I buy to solve my problems—even ones I may not know exist at first and only when there is a compelling reason to do so and I can cost justify it.

How about you?